Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting Kill mcked Out

By the end of this week, I will be kicked out of an 80 sq. ft. room I rented for $585 a month. However, the cockroaches and bedbugs will be able to stay behind to greet their next San Diego resident. For many reasons, I wanted to be able to get out as much of my story as possible before my departure date. Like most people, I am curious about how other individuals handle situations that appear at first unfathomable, then increasingly work their way around a solution. Even curiouser are those circumstances that don't appear to have a solution. Twenty-three years ago, I proceeded with a decision that led to long-term consequences and many short-term housing arrangements. I have slipped through tight security spots in orer to fly to another city without a plane ticket, and inexplicably let go after authorities discussed the matter among themselves. Along the way, however, many notes and flashdrives that described my experiences "got lost." The cumulative effect of my travels esonated when Scott Adams poignantly captured such a life in one frame of his Dilbert cartoon, published on January 1,2012: As soon as you make friends or find romance, we'll move you to someplace new and worse." The "we" in my instance has to do with ticking off some high-level public officials. There is also the matter of ticking off some potential readers as I am a recipient of social supplemental income. The general view is that such beneficiaries are lazy and don't want to work once they are approved. However, I wanted to deal with the subject from the standpoint of a whistleblower who had no choice but to go on SSI to survive.


  1. I fully understand how the "behind-the-scenes" moments can be kept secret due to fear and bribery. I myself was targeted to be setup for identity theft as I was responsible for over several hundred peoples sensitive financial information while processing short sales. I've encountered being stalked, electronically monitored, and drugged along with many of my friends, family, and acquaintances being contacted, bribed, or extorted to cooperate or give information. Your situation is very similar to mine, and I believe that there is more that has occurred than what you've said that has led to your sabotage over the past 20 years or so due to the ludicrous nature of situation at the forefront. Trust me, I know the feeling. Marilyn, I understand that you are currently in Phoenix jail, however when you get out please contact me at (815) 293-7096. We may be able to benefit each other. I'd love to hear your story and also tell you mine; if you would like to hear it.

  2. I've been targeted since I was a child. I uncovered secrets the police didn't want people finding out. They intend to frame me, one way or another, for crimes I didn't commit, but they can't risk me finding someone who might take me seriously.